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Want to know if you're on the list?

.. or sneak a look to see if your mate is?

For a list of riders entered for 2022 - click on the button below

You’ve committed, training is all done, but there’s one more thing you need to prepare for…

That perfect photo of you in all your athletic glory!


Our official photo partners, MyBibNumber, will be there to capture those moments and to ensure you get the all-important, social-media-worthy shot. All you need to do is follow our top tips, smile at the camera, and then visit their online photo gallery after the event.


WANT MORE? Then SIGN UP and ….

  • Receive tips on how to be photographed

  • Be notified when the event gallery is live

  • Get £5 OFF your digital photo order

  • Find out how to quickly find your images in the crowd


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